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– Metallics –


Hey loves
Im serious in love with the metallic trend. Today im wearing my favorite trends at the moment. Velvet and metallic! Im also into weird combination lately. Thinking out of the box! I always think.. I have to make my own party. Stand out! I live in a small town called Dronten. And there are a few people who are different and wear what they want to wear but when i walk on the streets people stare at me like crazy. A week ago i heard two woman around 40’s talking ‘ look what she’s wearing ‘ and ‘oh she is wearing a lot of makeup 2’ .. I looked over my shoulder and just smiled. Sometimes i do get insecure and sometimes the comments get to me. I don’t know why i always have to defend myself about ‘why you always wearing makeup’ And ‘why do you always have to look different than the others’. I think that im a funny person with a kind heart and i always see beauty in people and they don’t have to defend themselfs about why they wearing no makeup or why they always wear a ponytail cause curling your hair is more beautiful. I think that everyone should be who they want to be. There will be so much boringness when everyone does the same. I just want to wake up, stand in front of my closet and put on amazing funky clothes with really ugly clumsy shoes and wear my ‘too much’ makeup look and rock that white hair and just be me!

I just want to tell you. There is only one you! Your special <3

Pants – Zara
Velvet top – Bershka
Metallic bomber jacket – Isabel Marant for H&M
earrings – H&M
Watch – Fossil